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MASTERíS DEGREE (p. 96, Graduate Catalog 2003-2005)
Transfer of Credit

Courses of full graduate-level credit earned in a regionally accredited institution where a student was enrolled in the graduate school may be submitted for review for inclusion in a degree program. Evaluation of credit for transfer will not be made until the student has enrolled in the Graduate School of The University of Alabama. Acceptance of credit requires the approval of the studentís advisory committee and the dean of the Graduate School. Credit will not be accepted for transfer from any institution at which the student failed to achieve a ďBĒ average on all graduate work attempted.

A student initiates in the Office of the Graduate School the request for evaluation of graduate credit obtained at another institution. It is also the studentís responsibility to assure that an official transcript of the credit concerned is received by the Graduate School.

With the approval of the studentís department and the dean of the Graduate School, the greater of 12 hours or 25% of the required coursework for a masterís degree maybe transferred from another institution. All credit toward the masterís degree, including transfer credit, must have been earned during the six years (18 fall, spring, and summer semesters)
immediately preceding the date on which the degree is to be awarded.

In some cases, foreign educational credentials may not meet the Graduate Schoolís criteria for transfer of credit. It may be necessary for students in this situation to secure an evaluation of their credentials from World Education Services Inc., an external foreign credential evaluation service. Additional information on their services can be found at their Web site

EDUCATIONAL SPECIALIST DEGREE (p. 98, Graduate Catalog 2003-2005)
Transfer of Credit

The greater of 9 hours or 25% of appropriate post-masterís-degree credit, earned through a regionally accredited institution approved to offer graduate programs beyond the masterís level in the field of study where the credits were earned, may be transferred to apply toward an Ed.S. degree.

Previous and appropriate post-masterís-degree credit earned at The University of Alabama before a student applies for admission to the Ed.S. program can be applied toward the Ed.S. degree, provided it meets the program requirements of the particular department and the time limitation stated below.

A student in his or her last semester of work toward the masterís degree who does not need a full load to complete the course requirements of his or her masterís program may register for work toward the Ed.S. degree, in the amount needed to complete full registration loads.

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