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The Catalog is available only online as of Fall 2007 and is updated continually. When the Graduate Council revises a policy, the previous policy and the updated policy (with “effective date”) both will appear in the online Catalog. The previous policy will be deleted after 12 months. Any new policy will be inserted at the appropriate place in the Catalog. 
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Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Equal Opportunity in Education and Employment
    1.3 Campus Security Report
2. Administration and Faculty
    2.1 Board of Trustees
    2.2 Officers of the University
    2.3 Graduate School Staff
    2.4 Graduate School Organizational Chart
    2.5 Graduate Council
    2.6 Qualifications of the Graduate Faculty
    2.7 Graduate Faculty
3. General Information
    3.1   Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals of the University
    3.2   Mission of the Graduate School
    3.3   History and Organization
    3.4   Accreditation
    3.5   Libraries at The University of Alabama
    3.6   Office of Information Technology
    3.7   Research Agencies
    3.8   Financial Assistance
    3.9   Tuition and Other Expenses
    3.10 Withdrawal From the University
    3.11 Housing and Dining Options
    3.12 Veterans Services
    3.13 University Health Service
    3.14 Center For Teaching and Learning
    3.15 Office of Disability Services
    3.16 Graduate Student Services
    3.17 Division of Academic Outreach
    3.18 Workshop for New Graduate Teaching Assistants
    3.19 Capstone International
    3.20 Academic Common Market
    3.21 Military Programs; Readmission of Service Members
    3.22 Grievance Procedure (Faculty Handbook)
4. Academic Policies
    4.1 Degrees Conferred
    4.2 Conferring of Degrees; Academic Misconduct
    4.3 Application
    4.4 Admission Criteria; Types of Admission
    4.5 Registration and Assistantships
            4.5.1 General Requirements
            4.5.2 Assistantships
    4.6 Continuous Dissertation Registration for Doctoral Students
    4.7 Withdrawals and Leave of Absence
            4.7.1 Withdrawal From a Course
            4.7.2 Withdrawal From All Courses
            4.7.3 Leave of Absence, Military Leave
    4.8 Scholastic Requirements, Warning, Suspension, Graduation Requirements
    4.9 400-Level Courses for Master's Credit
    4.10 Records Maintenance and Disposition
    4.11 Degree Requirements
            4.11.1 Master's Degrees
            4.11.2 Educational Specialist Degrees
            4.11.3 Doctoral Degrees
    4.12 Joint, Cooperative and Shared Graduate Programs

5. Fields and Courses of Instruction
    5.1 Course-Numbering System

6. College of Arts and Sciences
    6.1   Department of American Studies (AMS)
    6.2   Department of Anthropology (ANT)
    6.3   Department of Art and Art History (ART and ARH)
    6.4   Department of Biological Sciences (BSC)
    6.5   Department of Chemistry (CH)
    6.6   Department of Communicative Disorders (CD)
    6.7   Department of Criminal Justice (CJ)
    6.8   Department of English (EN)
    6.9   Department of Gender and Race Studies (GRS)
    6.10 Department of Geography (GY)
    6.11 Department of Geological Sciences (GEO)
    6.12 Department of History (HY)
    6.13 Marine Science Program (MS)
    6.14 Department of Mathematics (MATH)
    6.15 Department of Modern Languages and Classics (GN, ROFR, ROML, ROSP)
    6.16 School of Music (MUS)
    6.17 Department of Physics and Astronomy (PH)
    6.18 Department of Political Science (PSC)
    6.19 Department of Psychology (PY)
    6.20 Department of Theatre and Dance (TH)

7. Manderson Graduate School of Business
    7.1 Graduate Programs
    7.2 Facilities
    7.3 Research and Service Centers
    7.4 Master's Degree Requirements
            7.4.1   Admission Requirements
            7.4.2   Degree Requirements
            7.4.3   Second Degree Requirements
            7.4.4   Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Program
            7.4.5   Master's Degree Programs in Accountancy
            7.4.6   Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS) Degree Programs
            7.4.7   Curriculum in Finance
            7.4.8   Curriculum in Economics
            7.4.9   Curriculum in Management
            7.4.10 Curriculum in Applied Statistics
            7.4.11 Curriculum in Operations Management
            7.4.12 Curriculum in Marketing
    7.5 Doctoral Programs in Business
            7.5.1 Admission to PhD Degree Programs
            7.5.2 Degree Requirements
    7.6 Course Descriptions
            7.6.1   Culverhouse School of Accountancy (AC)
            7.6.2   Economics (EC)
            7.6.3   Finance (FI)
            7.6.4   General Business Administration (GBA)
            7.6.5   Health Care Management (HCM)
            7.6.6   International Business Administration (IBA)
            7.6.7   Other International Course Offerings
            7.6.8   Legal Studies (LGS)
            7.6.9   Management (MGT)
            7.6.10 Management Information Systems (MIS)
            7.6.11 Operations Management (OM)
            7.6.12 Marketing (MKT)
            7.6.13 Statistics (ST)

8. College of Communication and Information Sciences
    8.1   Program Administration & Financial Aid
    8.2   Department of Advertising and Public Relations (APR)
    8.3   Department of Communication Studies (COM)
    8.4   Department of Journalism & Creative Media (JCM)
    8.5   School of Library and Information Studies (LS)
    8.6   Communication & Information Sciences PhD Program
    8.7   Course Descriptions
             8.7.1 Advertising and Public Relations (APR)
             8.7.2 Book Arts (BA)
             8.7.3 Communication and Information Studies (CIS)
             8.7.4 Communication Studies (COM)
             8.7.5 Journalism & Creative Media (JCM)
             8.7.6 Library and Information Studies (LS)
             8.7.7 Mass Communication (MC)

9. College of Community Health Sciences
     9.1  Admission Requirements
     9.2  Course Descriptions (CHS)

10. College of Education
    10.1   General Admission Requirements
    10.2   Masters Degree Programs
    10.3   Professional Certification
    10.4   Educational Specialist Degree
    10.5   Doctoral Programs
    10.6   Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies (AEL, AHE, AIL, BEF, CAT)
              10.6.1 Courses
    10.7   Department of Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling (BCE,
    BEP, BER, BSP)
              10.7.1 Courses
    10.8   Department of Curriculum & Instruction
              10.8.1 Elementary Education (CEE)
              10.8.2 Programs in Secondary Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (CSE, CIE, CRD)
    10.9   Department of Special Education & Multiple Abilities (SPE)
    10.10 Department of Kinesiology (KIN)
    10.11 Music Education Option in Curriculum and Instruction (MUE)

11. College of Engineering
    11.1 Graduate Study
    11.2 Admission Requirements
    11.3 Master of Science Degrees
    11.4 Doctor of Philosophy Degree
    11.5 Cooperative Education Program
    11.6 Department Information and Course Offerings
             11.6.1 General Engineering Studies (GES)
             11.6.2 Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM)
             11.6.3 Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE)
             11.6.4 Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE)
             11.6.5 Department of Computer Science (CS)
             11.6.6 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
             11.6.7 Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)
             11.6.8 Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MTE)

12. College of Human Environmental Sciences
    12.1 Master of Science Degree in Human Environmental Sciences
              12.1.1 Areas of Specialization
    12.2 Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in Health Sciences
    12.3 Departments/Course Descriptions
              12.3.1 Human Environmental Sciences (HES)
              12.3.2 Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design (CTD)
              12.3.3 Department of Consumer Sciences (CSM)
              12.3.4 Department of Health Science (HE)
              12.3.5 Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HD)
              12.3.6 Department of Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management (NHM)

13. Interdisciplinary Program
     13.1 Materials Science (MTLS)   
     13.2 Interdisciplinary Studies

14. Capstone College of Nursing
    14.1 Graduate Programs
    14.2 Master of Science in Nursing
    14.3 RN to BSN/MSN Track
    14.4 Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing
    14.5 Doctor of Nursing Practice
    14.6 MSN & Doctor of Education with Nurse Educator Specialization
    14.7 Course Descriptions

15. School of Social Work
    15.1 Master of Social Work Program
    15.2 Program Requirements
              15.2.1 MSW/MPH Dual-Degree Program
              15.2.2 MSW/JD Dual Degree Program
              15.2.3 MSW/PhD Concurrent Enrollment
    15.3 MSW Course Descriptions (SW)
    15.4 Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work Program
    15.5 PhD Course Descriptions (SW)



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