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Department Head: Professor William Jackson, Office: 126 Alston Hall
MGT 510 Research Methods in Management. Three hours.
This course familiarizes the student with the basic methodology for addressing issues and solving problems in modern organizations.

MGT 511 Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Placement. Three hours.
A course designed to acquaint the student with a scientific approach to the selection, training, and placement of employees. Validation of selection practices and evaluation of training programs are emphasized.

MGT 517 Leadership and Ethics. Three hours.
Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA program. This course is an overview of leadership theory and models including discussions of ethical issues that corporate decision makers face.
MGT 520 Change Management. Three hours.
The major objective of the course is to introduce students to the most recent thinking about strategic change, its drivers, and the techniques that are currently used for its management.

MGT 522 Leadership Communication. Three hours.
MGT 527 Strategic Human Resources Management. Variable credit .
An analysis of the methods and techniques used in the management of human resources.

MGT 530 Labor Economics. Three hours.
A course in the methods of economic analysis of the major problems of labor. Micro- and macroanalysis of wages, hours, employment, labor markets, and related public labor.

MGT 532 Employee Relations. Three hours. A critical examination of the factors that condition employee relations in both the private and public sectors. Topics covered include philosophies of management and how organizations resolve friction, the concept of industrial relations, systems theory, minority employment, and work and discontent.

MGT 542 Management Communication. Three hours.
Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA program.
Methodology for understanding both written and oral presentations. Students develop a language to use to manage written and oral verbal skills in specific business environments.

MGT 582 New Venture Development. Three hours. This course provides an opportunity to develop a business plan for a new venture or for expansion of an existing company. Students are expected to acquire skills in evaluating business ventures; to learn alternative financing sources; to develop ideas for differentiating products; and to develop an understanding of what is required to harvest the profits of a growing business.

MGT 586 Small Business Consulting Field Project. Three hours.
Prerequisite: By invitation only. This course is designed to offer education and training in the art of management consulting as it applies to smaller firms. The overall purpose of the course is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable students to provide management advice to entrepreneurs and businesspersons to improve the performance of smaller organizations.

MGT 591 Independent Study in Human Resources Management. Three hours.
Open to graduate students with the approval of the chairperson of the human resources management program. This course offers graduate students in human resources management the opportunity to undertake a specialized course of study, under the guidance of an individual faculty member.

MGT 592 Internship in Human Resources Management. Three hours. Open to graduate students with the approval of the chairperson of the human resources management program. Graduate students receive on-the-job experience in human resources management in actual organizational settings, under the joint guidance of the cooperating organizational officials and faculty members.

MGT 597 Contemporary Issues in Performance Management. Three hours.
A graduate seminar devoted to the study of current topics of interest.

MGT 598 Research in Management. Three hours. A supervised study of specific issues and problems in management. The course is open to students in their final semester of coursework leading to the completion of a master's degree in management.

MGT 599 Thesis Research. Variable credit.

MGT 610 Introduction to Management Thinking. Three hours. A critical analysis of the theories as well as the study of selected problems and developments in management thinking. The course places particular emphasis on the application of a wide range of social science theory and research to the study managerial thought.

MGT 620 Organizational Behavior and Individual Performance. Three hours.
A course designed to develop thorough understanding of individual behavior within formal organizations. Consideration is given to a number of important behavioral processes, including learning, perception, attitudinal structuring, conflict, motivation, and social reinforcement. Attention is devoted to the individual's effect on the organization and the way behavior affects the achievement of organizational goals.

MGT 621 Organizational Behavior and Group Performance. Three hours. A study of human interaction and interpersonal behavior within working relationships. Emphasis is given to findings of the behavioral sciences as related to management problems. Theoretical and empirical approaches to issues such as communication, socialization, and role theory are presented.

MGT 622 Current Topics in HR Management. Three hours. A course that gives special attention to the human aspects of problems that arise in technical, social, and organizational arenas faced with the need to change. The course includes detailed analyses of organizations as systems and of organizational leadership, change, and development.

MGT 623 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Theory. Three hours.
This course deals with the definition and grouping of work units, the relationships between work units, and the assignment of decision-making authority to units within a contingency framework. Special emphasis is placed on the influence of the external environment on the structure and design of the organization.
MGT 679 Theory Development and Testing (same as MKT 679). Three hours.

MGT 690 Research Methods I. Three Hours.
The purpose of this class is to build skills in the design, conduct, and evaluation of research. Students are introduced to the basics of designing studies to test hypotheses and research.

MGT 691 Research in Organizational Management. Three hours. A course that provides an overview of theory, research, and techniques associated with the investigation of specific research problems in the fields of personnel management, industrial relations, and organizational behavior.
MGT 699 Dissertation Research. Variable credit. Three-hour minimum.



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