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The College of Education offers graduate programs leading to the master of arts, the educational specialist, the doctor of education, and the doctor of philosophy degrees.


To be considered for regular admission to a graduate program in the College of Education, a student must satisfy both of the following admission requirements:

  • An entrance examination score of at least 300 on the revised Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or a score no lower than the 50th percentile on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT).
  • An undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, a 3.0 average for the last 60 semester hours in a degree program, or a 3.0 or higher in a completed graduate degree program. 

An applicant whose credentials do not meet the above requirements may be considered in some programs for conditional admission, if one of the following minimum requirements is satisfied:

  • an overall grade point average of 2.75 (2.5 Kinesiology)
  • an entrance examination score no lower than the 40th percentile on the entrance examination required by the department

Admission to graduate programs is competitive. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission, only that students will be reviewed for admission. Applications are reviewed by departmental screening committees with consideration given to such factors as academic and professional backgrounds, test scores, personal traits, professional goals and aspirations, and other factors that pertain to the ability to complete the program successfully and continue a productive career.   The Graduate School makes final admissions decisions based on departmental recommendations and the Graduate School's review of applications.

With approval, a student may enroll for one semester only as a non-degree student in the College of Education and is subject to the conditions outlined in Section 4.4 of this catalog for non-degree students. Responsibility rests with the student to observe the limitations imposed on credit hours, coursework, and transfer of credit.

An applicant to a College of Education program that leads to professional certification must submit references from current and former professors and supervisory personnel knowledgeable of the applicant's academic and professional capabilities. 

Admission to the Graduate School is not equivalent to “unconditional admission” to a State-approved educator preparation program. Candidates admitted to the institution to enroll in courses in a Class A, alternative Class A, or Class AA program (other than Instructional Leader) may complete no more than five approved program courses prior to meeting ALSDE requirements for “unconditional admission.” For Class A and Class AA Instructional Leadership programs, individuals must meet ALSDE requirements for “unconditional admission” before enrolling in ANY instructional leadership courses in the program, as prescribed in Rule 290-3-3-.48(1)(d) and Rule 290-3-3-53.01(2) of the Alabama Administrative Code.  

LiveText Requirement

Live Text, a web-based student support system, is required of all students in programs leading to professional educator certification.

Fingerprinting Requirement

Applicants to a State-approved teacher education program shall be required to be fingerprinted for a criminal history background check through the Alabama State Department of Education to the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pursuant to ACT 2002-457. This includes all students (traditional, alternative, out-of-state, and distance learners) enrolled in MA and EDS programs that lead to Alabama certification, regardless of whether or not they are pursuing Alabama certification. The background check is completed at the student’s expense, and suitability must be documented in Student Services & Certification before the student is assigned placement in a clinical setting. [Alabama Administrative Code 290-3-2-.02(9)(d)]

A candidate whose suitability determination precludes admission to a State-approved teacher education program has the right to due process procedures in accordance with Rule 290-3-2-.34 of the Alabama Administrative Code (Revocation and Suspension of Certificates and Unsuitability Determinations).

Additional admission information is in the Admission Criteria section and in the individual department descriptions of this catalog




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