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Doctor of Philosophy students in each College of Engineering department with a PhD program must meet minimum course requirements and all other requirements described in the Doctoral Degrees and Degree Requirements section of this catalog. 


Plan of Study

Requirements for the Graduate School, include but are not limited to, submission of a completed PhD Plan of Study (available on the Graduate School website) to the Graduate School.  Early in the graduate program, students must meet with their program adviser to select courses, discuss when and by which method the doctoral residency requirement will be completed, discuss research interests, and so forth.  All doctoral students must have a completed PhD Plan of Study approved by the Graduate School no later than the semester during which the student will complete 30 semester hours of UA and/or transfer credit toward the doctoral degree.  Otherwise, a "hold" may be placed on future registration.


An amended Plan of Study (if needed) must be submitted to the Graduate School when the student submits the form for Admission to Candidacy for Doctoral Degree.


Admission to Candidacy

A department-approved Admission to Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree is submitted to the Graduate School as soon as possible after passing the comprehensive (preliminary) examination.  See the online Graduate Catalog (Sec. 4.11.3) for details on Plan of Study, Admission to Candidacy, and all other degree requirements.


400-level Credit 

Under no circumstances will graduate credit be given for courses numbered below 400. Only the 400-level credit (6 hours maximum) that was accepted for a master's program may be accepted for a doctoral degree program.


Research Skill/Language Requirements

Each college or department offering the PhD degree may set its own requirements for the language/research Skill.  This policy reaffirms the importance of research skills and foreign languages in the highest academic degree granted by American universities, but it also recognizes that the departments offering the degrees are in the best position to determine the number and nature of such requirements in the interests of their students. For further information about PhD foreign language/research skill requirements, students may contact their departments or the Graduate School Degree Requirements section of this catalog. 


For additional information about all requirements for the PhD degree, see Admission Criteria and Degree Requirements in earlier sections of this catalog,  Students need to review requirements outlined in individual department descriptions in this catalog and visit the College of Engineering website.




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