The University of Alabama
February 25, 2003

The regular meeting of the Graduate Council was held at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 in the Forum Room of the Ferguson Center.


Dr. Natalie Adams, Dr. Martin G. Bakker,
Dr. Bruce E. Barrett, Dr. Sharon E. Beatty,
Dr. Barbara Fischer, Dr. Timothy A. Haskew,  
Dr. Marsha L. Houston, Dr. D. Jeff Jackson,
Dr. Jordan I. Kosberg, Dr. Richard G. Lomax,
Dr. Sharon O’Dair, Dr. Yorgo Pasadeos,
Dr. Martha J. Powell, Dr. Eric E. Roden,
Dr. Nancy J. Rubin, Dr. Edward J. Schnee,
Dr. Forrest R. Scogin, Dr. B. Joyce Stallworth,
Dr. Marietta P. Stanton, Dr. Stephen J. Thoma,
Dr. Pieter B. Visscher, Dr. Harold M. Weber,
Dr. John M. Wiest, Dr. S. Allen Wilcoxon.


Dr. David W. Cordes,
Dr. Laura G. Klinger,
Dr. Michael D. Murphy,
Dr. David R. Roskos-Ewoldsen


Dr. Ronald Rogers,
Dr. Louis A. Pitschmann,
Dr. Tavan T. Trent


Mr. Enrique A. Gomez,
Ms. Antonia S. Mead


Dr. Pat Harrison, Associate Dean,
Dr. John F. Schmitt, Associate Dean,
Ms. Louise Labosier, Admissions Officer

Dean Ron Rogers opened the meeting by asking if there were corrections to the November 26, 2002 Graduate Council minutes. No corrections were noted and the minutes were approved as written.

Dean Rogers called for the reports from various committees.

I.                    Reports from Graduate Council Committees

A. Financial Aid

            Dr. Pat Harrison reported that in January 2003, the committee reviewed nominations for the Graduate Council Research and Creative Activity Fellowships for 2003-2004. The awards carry a $14,000 stipend and a full tuition scholarship. Thirty-seven students were nominated, fifteen fellowships were awarded, and all have accepted. In February 2003, the committee reviewed nominations for Round 1 of Graduate Council Regular Fellowships. The awards carry a $14,000 stipend and a full tuition scholarship. Of those awarded, sixteen are new University of Alabama graduate students. Five of the regular fellowships were designated to receive the $5,000 supplement. Calls for nominations for Round 2 have been distributed to all department heads and graduate program directors. The deadline for Round 2 has been extended to March 3, 2003.

B. Teaching and Research Awards

Chairman, Dr. Richard Lomax, reported to the Graduate Council the names of the 2002-2003 winners of Outstanding Teaching and Research awards. The award recipients are as follows:

  • Teaching-Master’s Baker Lawley English/Creative Writing

  • Teaching-Doctoral Andrea Porter English

  • Research-Master’s Jennifer Myer Anthropology

  • Research-Doctoral Ann Visser Chemistry

C. Program and Degree Requirements

            Dr. Steve Thoma reported to the Council that the committee, in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, continues with their consideration of a possible graduate student exit survey. At this time, the opinions of department chairpersons are being sought to determine the appropriateness and feasibility of the proposed survey. Dr. Thoma reported that response has been favorable and review will continue.

Dr. Thoma distributed a list of departments who have notified the committee of their decision to make available to their students the option of an article-style dissertation. Dr. John Schmitt indicated that the list of those departments offering the option will be added to The Graduate School web site and will be updated on a regular basis.

II.                  Reports from the Dean’s Office and Academic Affairs

Student representative, Mr. Enrique Gomez, distributed to the membership a fact sheet regarding tax relief for higher education costs. He reported that graduate students from across the country are working for legislation that would return graduate scholarships to federal tax-exempt status.

Dr. Ron Rogers reminded both student representatives and members that eight positions exist in the Student Government Association for graduate students. He encouraged the membership to seek out those individuals who would be willing to serve in these positions.

Dr. Pat Harrison notified the Graduate Council of the March 19, 2003 seminar for minority fellowship holders to assist them in preparing for the academic interview process. She presented the question of hosting a similar seminar for all doctoral students next year. The members responded favorably and made several suggestions.

Dr. John Schmitt announced the Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Award Winners for 2002-2003. Yongjun Chu, of Chemistry, is the recipient of the Outstanding Thesis Award, and Susan Thompson of Mass Communication is the recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation Award. The Graduate School website lists all winners since 1990 and provides procedures and timelines for nominating individuals for these awards.

Dr. Rogers reported having attended a meeting of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. In the past, The University of Alabama has closed nearly 200  programs, a reduction of 42%.

Dr. Rogers presented a report on The University of Alabama’s visit to Cuba to explore graduate educational opportunities. The University’s delegation visited with the Vice President of Cuba, The U.S. Ambassador, and many faculty and administrators at the University of Havana. Having Cuban students attend the UA is not likely to occur however; the potential exists for workshops, faculty exchanges, co-teaching and individual faculty research projects. Two projects proposed before the delegation departed were 1) Social Work, Nursing and medical students and faculty to visit the University of Havana this summer and 2) Engineering faculty and students will visit to explore research on waste and water management.

III.               Reports from Standing University Committees

            Dr. Tavan Trent reported that the Faculty Senate voted to recommend a fifteen percent increase in tuition.

IV.                Old Business

There was no old business.

V.                  New Business

No new business was introduced.

Dr. Rogers adjourned the meeting at 4:00.