The University of Alabama
September 28, 2004

The regular meeting of the Graduate Council was held at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, 2004 in the Anderson Society Room of the Ferguson Center.


Dr. Natalie Adams, Dr. Elizabeth S. Aversa,
Dr. John Baker, Dr. Robert G. Batson,
Dr. Sharon E. Beatty, Dr. Sheila R. Black,
Dr. David W. Cordes, Dr. Martyn R. Dixon,
Dr. Kari Frederickson, Dr. Timothy A. Haskew,
Dr. Marsha L. Houston, Dr. Diane E. Johnson,
Dr. Olivia W. Kendrick, Dr. Jordan I. Kosberg,
Dr. Eric E. Roden, Dr. Jerry Lee Rosiek,
Dr. Nancy J. Rubin, Dr. Edward J. Schnee,
Dr. Forrest R. Scogin, Dr. Roy Ann Sherrod,
Dr. B. Joyce Stallworth, Dr. Pieter B. Visscher,
Dr. John M. Wiest, Dr. Elizabeth K. Wilson


Dr. Bruce E. Barrett, Professor Robin K. Behn,
Dr. Carol J. Pierman, Dr. David R. Roskos-Ewoldsen


Dr. Ronald Rogers,
Dr. Louis A. Pitschmann,
Dr. M. Jenice Goldston


Dennis Bubrig,
Katara Smith


Dr. Pat Harrison, Associate Dean,
Dr. John Schmitt, Associate Dean,
Louise Labosier, Admissions Officer

Dean Rogers opened the meeting by asking if there were corrections to the April 27, 2004 minutes. No corrections were noted, and the minutes were approved as written.

Dean Ron Rogers began the meeting by asking committee members to introduce themselves to their colleagues on the Graduate Council. Dr. Rogers announced that he had been asked to head the United Way campaign for Academic Affairs. In past years, the percentage of participation within Academic Affairs in the United Way campaign has trailed other units of the University community. Possible reasons for the discrepancies were discussed. Council members with experiences with United Way agencies encouraged members to consider participating in the campaign.

Dr. Rogers reported that Graduate School applications and enrollments are down from last year. The numbers reflect 13% fewer applications and 10% fewer applicants admitted. International applications decreased by 23%, better than the national average of 30%. President Witt will continue to emphasize increased enrollment at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, encouraging a three percent annual increase. President Witt also plans for the University to rely more heavily on tuition and fees, as state financial support declines.

Dean Rogers called for the reports of committees.

I. Reports from Graduate Council Committees

A. Admissions and Recruitment

Chair Ed Schnee reported that the committee has a very full agenda this year. The required four-year review for programs which have received modifications to the admissions criteria are due for Physics (applicants may submit either the GRE General test or the GRE physics subject test, with a score at the 50th percentile for regular admission) and the master’s programs in Health Studies, Human Nutrition, and General Human Environmental Sciences (no admissions test required for regular admission if GPA is 3.0; conditional admission requires GPA of 2.5 and an admission test score with no minimum score requirement).

The Graduate School has proposed the development of a “Bridge Program” to allow international students with three-year foreign degrees to acquire an additional year of undergraduate study at the University and then continuing with graduate studies at the University. Dr. Schnee reported that, due to the many complex issues involved with the proposal, the committee determined to meet again prior to the next Graduate Council meeting to discuss this issue. He indicated that the committee will announce the time and location of the meeting and would welcome interested Graduate Council members to attend or send their comments to any committee member.

The Graduate School would like to enhance its Provisional Language Admission Program and develop new University Scholars Programs to foster partnerships with international institutions and UA graduate departments. These initiatives are in an effort to strengthen recruitment of international students as well as undergraduate UA students. The Admissions and Recruitment Committee decided to meet again to discuss these two issues. A report will be presented at the November Graduate Council meeting.

B. Financial Aid

Dr. Diane Johnson, Chair of the Financial Aid committee, called attention to the handout of Graduate Council Fellowships Summary for 2003 and 2004. Sixty-five Regular Fellow’s and Research/Creative Activity Fellow’s were awarded in each year. The handout included a description of the fellowships administered by the Graduate School and tentative deadlines for the 2004-2005 nominations and selections. Dr. Johnson stressed the importance of the departmental nomination letters the committee receives on behalf of their nominees. The Graduate Council discussed the importance of finding methods to finance the out-of-state portion of tuition to attract highly qualified students to attend The University of Alabama. Departments are encouraged to help their out-of-state students apply for in-state residency.

II. Reports from the Dean’s Office and Academic Affairs

Dr. Pat Harrison provided committee members with copies of the new Graduate School brochure and the CD viewbook. She reported that the Graduate School has purchased enhanced services from Peterson’s to increase our presence on their website. She also announced the expanded recruitment travel activities planned by the Graduate School staff. Dr. Harrison demonstrated the new Graduate School website, emphasizing its comprehensive nature with resources for prospective students, current students, and faculty. It was suggested that the information on housing, both on and off campus, might be expanded. Dean Rogers encouraged departments to enhance their websites for recruitment of new students.

Dr. John Schmitt distributed materials regarding Graduate School Awards for Outstanding Teaching, Research, Thesis, and Dissertation that outlined procedures and timelines for nominations. Committee members were provided a listing of Divisional Awards Committee Chairs for 2004-2005.

In August, the Graduate School hosted a record number of participants at the annual GTA Workshop. On Thursday, October 7, 2004, Dr. Schmitt will present the “Completing a Thesis or Dissertation” seminar.

Dr. Schmitt expressed appreciation to Dr. Elizabeth Aversa and Dr. David Roskos-Ewoldsen for their participation on the University’s Program Review Committee.

IV. Old Business
There was no old business.

V. New Business
There was no new business.

Dr. Rogers adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.