The University of Alabama
September 27, 2005

The regular meeting of the Graduate Council was held at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 in the Forum Room of the Ferguson Center.


Dr. Natalie Adams, Dr. John Baker,
Prof. Robin K. Behn, Dr. Sheila R. Black,
Dr. Silas C. Blackstock, Dr. Martyn R. Dixon,
Dr. Marsha L. Houston, Dr. Diane E Johnson,
Dr. Allan V. Kaufman, Dr. Olivia W. Kendrick,
Dr. Mark R. Klinger, Dr. Elaine A. Martin,
Dr. Janis O’Donnell, Dr. Nancy J. Rubin,
Dr. Edward J. Schnee, Dr. Roy Ann Sherrod,
Dr. Loy A Singleton, Dr. Robert P. Taylor,
Dr. Vivian H. Wright


Dr. Elizabeth S. Aversa, Dr. Bruce E. Barrett,
Dr. Robert G. Batson, Dr. Kagendo Mutua,
Dr. Carol J. Pierman, Dr. Jerry Lee Rosiek,
Dr. Charles R. Sox, Dr. John M. Wiest

MEMBERS ON SABBATICAL: Dr. Kari Frederickson


Dr. Ronald Rogers
Dr. M. Jenice Goldston



Dr. John Schmitt, Associate Dean,
Louise Labosier, Admissions Officer

Dr. Rogers begin the meeting by asking members of the Council to introduce themselves and tell about their research interests and hobbies. Dean Rogers asked if there were corrections to the April 26, 2005 minutes. No corrections were noted and the minutes were approved as written.

I. Reports from Graduate Council Committees

A. Program and Degree Requirements Committee
Chairperson Natalie Adams reported that the Program and Degree Requirements Committee reviewed the College of Education’s policy regarding the time limits extension request for doctoral students. Finding that the policy had been very successful in the college, the committee proposed its addition to the University wide policy. The proposed addition would read “Under compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control, a student may petition for a one-semester extension to the seven-year time limit (or eight-year time limit for the selected program noted above). If the one-semester extension is recommended by the department head and college dean (if required by the college dean), and subsequently approved by the graduate dean, the extension will not require the student to validate any out-of-date UA or transfer courses previously approved for the plan of study.” A motion was made to accept the committee’s recommendation and the vote to approve was unanimous.

B. Financial Aid
Dr. Diane Johnson, Chairperson of the Financial Aid Committee, said her committee would welcome ideas for a more equitable distribution of awards between in-state and out-of-state students and to please contact her with those ideas.

C. Admissions and Recruitment
Dr. Ed Schnee indicated the committee will be meeting later in the year to consider new University Scholars and International Bridge Program proposals. No departments are scheduled this year for review of previously granted waivers of admissions criteria.

II. Reports from the Dean’s Office and Academic Affairs
Dr. John Schmitt announced the retirement of Graduate School Registrar Beverly York and loss of Records Officer Dianne Teague to another position within the University. He noted that much of the information departments are accustomed to receiving from Bev and Dianne is available on the Graduate School website.

Dr. Schmitt provided Committee members with a listing of the 2005-2006 Divisional Awards committee chairs. He encouraged Council members to encourage faculty in departments to take the time to nominate students for the six Graduate School awards. He noted that the Graduate School web site also contains expanded guidelines for article-style dissertations.
The final report for SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation was submitted in early September. Approval is anticipated at the December 6, 2005 meeting of SACS in Atlanta.

Dean Rogers reported that the Annual Report of the Graduate Council is available on the Graduate School website. Dr. Rogers told the Council that 13 students affected by Hurricane Katrina had enrolled in the Graduate School. The University and the Graduate School assumed most of the cost of their tuition. Dr. Rogers reported that $500,000 was contributed to the general fund this year to pay the out-of-state portion of tuition for research grants and contracts.

Prof. Robin Behn inquired if monies would be available this year to fund health insurance for graduate assistants. Dr. Rogers acknowledged that this is an important issue and one that is being addressed by many committees, including a task force approved by President Witt to consider available health care options. The Graduate Student Association has also been very active in promoting this issue.

Dean Rogers reported that no final enrollment figures are available at this time but it appears that graduate enrollment will be very similar to last year’s enrollment. The programs which increased their enrollments tended to be those which delivered online or off-campus programs.

III. Old Business
There was no old business.

IV. New Business
There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.