The University of Alabama
April 24, 2012

The regular meeting of the Graduate Council was held at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 in 110 AIME Building.

Dr. Marsha Adams, Dr. Kim Bissell,
Dr. Lisa Dorr, Dr. Susan Gaskins,
Dr. Yuebin Guo, Dr. Timothy Haskew,
Dr. Allison Hetzel, Dr. Rick Houser,
Dr. Burcu Keskin, Dr. Margo Lamme,
Dr. Stevan Marcus, Dr. Louis Marino,
Dr. Kagendo Mutua, Dr. John Petrovic,
Dr. Andy Fitch sub for Dr. Michael Picone,
Dr. Nancy J. Rubin, Dr. Jamie Satcher,
Dr. Edward Schnee, Dr. Lori Turner, Dr. Stephen Woski

Dr. Marysia Galbraith, Dr. Mary Curtner-Smith,
Dr. Robert Findlay, Dr. DoVeanna Fulton Minor,
Dr. Diane Johnson, Dr. Debra Nelson-Gardell,
Dr. Jeffrey Parker, Dr. Steve Thoma, Dr. Mark Weaver

Prof. Steve Miller
Dr. Louis A. Pitschmann

Dr. John Schmitt, Associate Dean
Dr. Natalie Adams, Assistant Dean
Ms. Beth Yarbrough, Registrar

Ms. Tamica Shambly


Dean David Francko welcomed everyone and introductions were made to the council. He asked if there were corrections to the February 28, 2012 minutes. A motion was made to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded and all were in favor - none opposed/abstained. Motion passed.

I. Reports from Graduate Council Committees

A. Admission and Recruitment Committee - Dr. Ed Schnee reported that the committee approved to continue the admissions test score waiver for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. In place of the test score requirements, the DNP program requires that a student has previously earned an MSN degree. Normally, if a department does not require a test score for admission, there is another requirement needed, such as earning an MSN. At the next review, the admission requirements may change due to the fact that the MSN degree will slowly be phased out by 2018.

Dr. Schnee reported the committee recommended a change in the admissions requirements for the College of Engineering. Currently, students may waive the required test score to be admitted if they received their undergraduate degree from an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited school. The college is requesting to change this waiver to allow waivers only for University Scholar students.

After some discussion, Dr. Andy Fitch moved to accept the changes to the admission waivers, and Dr. Timothy Haskew seconded the motion. All were in favor and none opposed/abstained.

B. Financial Aid Committee - Dr. Natalie Adams reported that to date, 102 Graduate Council Fellowship (GCF) offers have been sent. Seventy-three have been accepted thus far. The acceptance deadline is April 30, 2012 for the final round. The Financial Aid Committee is hoping to set a new record for the number of Graduate Council Fellowships this year.

Seventeen McNair Fellowships offers have been sent, and 13 have accepted to date. The Alabama Alumni License Tag Fellowship offers were just sent out to 28 students, and all have been accepted.

Dean Francko commented that this is the highest number of fellowships offered thus far. Since there is new growth at the undergraduate level (and graduate level), hopefully, there will be more money for fellowships at the graduate level next year. This fall will set a new record of 130-132 total fellowships awarded.

Next year, deadlines for all Fellowships/Scholarships through the Graduate School will be published online through the Academic Calendar. GCF Round 3 will be moved a week earlier due to Spring Break.

C. Teaching, Research and Service Award Committee - No report.

D. Program and Degree Committee and Research and New Programs (combined)- Dr. Lou Marino presented the proposal for the for a new Certificate Program in Quantitative Educational Research (Attachment #1). After some discussion, Dr. Marino moved that the proposal be accepted, and Dr. Burcu Keskin seconded the motion. All were in favor and none opposed/abstained.

II. Reports from the Dean's Office and Academic Affairs

Dr. David Francko commented on the annual UA report given by President Bonner. The report talked about the growth in enrollment by both the undergraduate and graduate school. The University of Alabama has been recognized across the State of Alabama and in the region for recruitment, enrollment growth, and so forth.

To date, the Graduate School has received over 8,000 applications (Handout #2) for the Fall 2012 semester. Along with the growth in the number of applications, admissions (and rejections) are up and there has been a steady decline in the number of "No Action" applications. Master's degree applications are growing, and doctoral degree applications are growing at an even faster rate. Overall, the graduate applications are keeping pace with the undergraduate in terms of growth, in-state vs. out-of-state and online students. Currently, Distance Education Graduate Students are 21-23% of all graduate students.

The Graduate School is growing by 400-500 applications per year. Between both the Undergraduate and Graduate side of campus, over 36,000 applications have been processed this year. The Graduate School Enrollment Goal for Fall 2012 is an enrollment of 5,000 students, which would be 15-16% ofthe total UA enrollment. All international graduate students must be admitted by May in order to be cleared for the Fall 2012 semester.

For recruitment purposes, the Graduate School has purchased the inside front cover of the "USA Today- National Edition- Grad Schools." In 2012-13 we will continue our campaign through the Crimson Tide Sports Marketing program to raise awareness of Graduate programs. Award letters will be sent to departments for the Travel/Research fund. This year, over 750 applications have been submitted for funds. And thus far, over $500,000 has been spent to fund students this year.

Dr. John Schmitt reminded the council that the 26th Annual Workshop for New Graduate Teaching Assistants will be August 16-17, 2012. This workshop is mandatory for all new graduate teaching assistants. Since 1987, almost 5,800 have attended the workshop. The most helpful sessions for students are the short videotaped teaching sessions with peers and experienced Graduate Teaching Fellows giving verbal and written critiques of each new GTA's teaching strengths and possible areas for improvement. This workshop prepares GTAs for teaching in the classroom and leading labs or discussions, and it develops skills for making research or other presentations to professional associations.

Dr. Natalie Adams announced that a new University Scholars program would be offered through the Department of Advertising & Public Relations (Handout #3). The University Scholars program is growing.

Blake Bedsole will be the new Director of Graduate Recruitment. Blake will be working with departments on recruiting goals and how the Graduate School can facilitate that process. Mary Jackson will be leaving May 1st. She is getting married and moving to Evergreen. The Graduate School plans to hire a new admission officer come June. Cori Perdue from our office has been hired by the Work-Life Center to assist students with families. The Graduate Parent Support (GPS) and Tide Together will remain housed in the Graduate School.

Dr. Francko reminded everyone that background checks are mandatory for all graduate students who will hold assistantships. The average processing time has been ca. 7-10 days. The committee has worked quickly to make decisions on students that are "red flagged" from the background check. So far every "red flagged" student has been approved.

III. Reports from Standing University Committees

There were no standing committee reports.

IV. Old Business

There was no old business.

V. New Business

There was no new business.

There being no further business, Dean Francko adjourned the meeting at 4:40p.m.