A Student Guide To 
Preparing Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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In order to maintain a high standard of quality in the work accepted for graduate degrees, the Graduate School of The University of Alabama has developed this manual to help you prepare the final copy of your thesis or dissertation.

A thesis or dissertation should reflect positively on you as a student, your committee, and the University. Your research and its presentation are a responsibility shared by you, your major professor, and the committee; however, the format must be consistent, logical, attractive, and meet the standards of the Graduate School as presented in this manual. The Graduate School is responsible for final approval of all theses and dissertations.

This manual specifies certain requirements pertaining to style, organization, format and reproduction applicable to all theses and dissertations at The University of Alabama. However, this manual is not intended to be a style guide; the general style of your thesis or dissertation, including documentation of reference materials, should conform to a style guide appropriate to your field of study and formally approved by your committee. See "Style Guide matters" under the section Preparation of Manuscript.

The manuscript you submit to the Graduate School must be error-free and ready for publication. The Graduate School reviews all theses and dissertations to ensure that the requirements of this manual and the appropriate style guide have been met.

The Graduate School wishes you success in completing your thesis or dissertation. Please contact our office at (205) 348-5921 or look on the Graduate School Web page if you need assistance with preparing or submitting your manuscript. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to continue to improve the quality of theses and dissertations at The University of Alabama.

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