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Women in STEM Experience

WiSE (Women in STEM Experience) was born from within the University’s Graduate School Tide Together initiative that seeks to support women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through mentorship and networking in the hopes of narrowing the existing gender gap in STEM studies and careers.

Since its inception, WiSE has become its own stand-alone initiative with the support of multiple departments on campus. Through WiSE and Tide Together, women studying science and math related fields are placed with a Graduate or Faculty mentor to help them develop skills in professionalism and in their field of study. In a further effort to support its participants, WiSE has created “Pathways for Success” as an opportunity for students to meet with fellow scholars and professionals while learning to navigate science and math related fields and graduate programs. 

The mission is to serve student organizations, programs, and departments in their efforts to recruit, promote, and support women in the STEM. WISE shares resources, facilitates communication, and supports the UA campus. WISE is actively seeking involvement in new events to promote women and STEM fields.

Fall 2013 Program Details



Additional Information
To learn more about WISE or about how students, faculty and professionals in STEM can contribute to “Pathways to Success” please contact Cori Perdue at cperdue@ua.edu or Andy Goodliffe at amg@ua.edu.


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