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Student Employees
The University of Alabama is subject to many federal and state laws relating to student employees that affect student financial aid, federal and state taxes, and the University’s obligation for payroll taxes. While these laws define student employees differently, all include some criteria for enrollment, attendance, course load and number of hours worked. Please refer all enquiries concerning the eligibility of students to be employed at the University to the Human Resources Office.

Student employment at The University of Alabama should afford students opportunities to use and further develop their skills, creativity, sense of awareness, and responsibilities while earning a portion of their educational costs. The employing department is responsible for adhering to the University’s employment policies for students. When considering offering employment to students, employers must consider carefully the effects of the employment on the student’s academic program.

By virtue of their appointment, student employees are not eligible for benefits.

Graduate students who are employed under assistantships where tuition support is given are subject to qualifying conditions as determined by the University’s accreditation organization and Academic Affairs. These conditions apply equally to all assistantships regardless of the source of funding.

For further information please go to the Human Resources web page about the Student Employment Policy.

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