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Personnel Action Forms (PA Forms)
It is always very useful to have the following information recorded in the comments section of the PA form for all graduate assistantships:
  1. Enrolled major
  2. Number of hours enrolled for the semester(s) covered by the appointment.
  3. The cumulative GPA
  4. Number of hours per week to be worked under the appointment.

For all teaching assistantships the following information MUST be recorded:

  1. Brief description of duties in support of type and coding
  2. If primary teacher - the course number(s), the number of graduate hours completed in the subject to be taught. Indicate if course falls within category of physical education activities.

All non-native speakers of English are required to have completed and passed the examination in the ITAP before they are permitted to teach. For all teaching assistantships held by such students you MUST indicate in the comments section the date of the ITAP examination and level of pass achieved.

In addition, where students hold multiple or joint appointments in different departments this information must be included in the comments section (see also Composite FTE below)

Student ID Number
The student's CWID must be recorded on the PA form.

When completing the PA form the correct title must be used as set out in this handbook. The most appropriate title must be used in conjunction with the related occupation code. Where the studentís title or occupation changes then a new PA form must be submitted to effect the change.

Composite FTE
As indicated previously, the studentís level of FTE depends upon the number of hours that the student is required to work under the terms of the assistantship. This must be clearly stated on the PA form and Memorandum of Appointment.

Where a student has multiple or joint assistantships in different departments, then this should be declared on the PA form. Students should be asked to confirm whether or not they have additional assistantships. This allows a check to be made to ensure that the studentís combined FTE is within the Graduate School policies and that the studentís enrollment hours agree with the total FTE.

Position Number
As with title and ECLS code, the Position Class is related to the category of assistantship. Each category has a unique class that must be used.

When a studentís responsibilities or classification changes, a new PA form must be issued which amends the official position description, the Banner account code, and the Position Number. This will specifically include summer assistants who held an academic year assistantship prior to the summer.

ECLS Class
Please use one of the two appropriate Banner ECLS Class codes as follows:
K4 - Monthly Graduate Student
K5 - Biweekly Graduate Student
Graduate Student Position Numbers
It is vital that the correct Position Number is selected for each graduate assistant appointment. Please follow the instructions for selecting or creating Graduate Student Position Numbers in the Guidelines on the Human Resources website.

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