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Tuition Request Forms
There are four different tuition grant request forms, which are used to control and approve awards to graduate students. The department awarding the assistantship must prepare each form.

Forms for In-State Tuition
Teaching Assistants - this is used for 2 groups of graduate assistants: 1) those with primary responsibility for teaching a course for credit and/or assigning final grades; and 2) those assistants who will not have primary responsibility for teaching or assigning grades, but will simply assist an instructor of record. While not essential, some departments prepare 2 Teaching Assistant forms - one for primary teachers of courses for credit, and the other for those teachers not actually prime or responsible for teaching a course for credit.

The Dean and either the department head, program head, or director must sign all Teaching Assistants Forms.

Research, Administrative, & Other Assistants - this is used for all other assistantships, i.e., those who will not have primary responsibility for teaching a course for credit and will not assign grades.

Either the Dean or the department/program head must sign all Research, Administrative, & Other Assistants Forms.

Office for Sponsored Programs (formerly Contracts & Grants) - this form is used to award tuition grants to graduate assistants who are appointed under any funds paid from Sponsored Programs accounts. They are  prepared by the department supervising the student and are approved by the Sponsored Programs Financial Services office. This form authorizes payment of in-state tuition grants from the grant/contract code if applicable, and advises Graduate School to award an out-of-state scholarship where applicable.

Forms for Out-of-State Tuition
Special Request for Out-of-State Tuition Award

These forms are slightly different from the in-state version, but are designed for basically the same task. They are ONLY used where

  • A department is paying the out-of-state tuition for a GA who is NOT on a permanently budgeted line.
  • A student is employed during the summer term but is not enrolled for interim or summer term and the student qualified to receive tuition support during the preceding spring.
  • A student who qualifies for Academic Common Market support.
  • Students sponsored under the Capstone International Program Center and who are approved by Academic Affairs.
  • Non-resident students funded by contract or grant (OSPFS administered assistantships).
  • Law School students.
  • National Student Exchange Program students who have been approved by the NSE Coordinator.
  • Graduate fellowship or scholarship under Academic Affairs with stipends equivalent to at least the university’s minimum for 0.25 FTE.

Out-of-state tuition forms are not required if the student is listed on an in-state form under a permanently budgeted assistantship; when the in-state forms are processed the student receivables system recognizes the status of the student and automatically covers the out-of-state portion of the tuition.

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