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On Screen Reporting of Assistantships
The Graduate School has been working closely with Data Resources to get valuable information about graduate assistantships included on screen in student records. Starting in fall semester 2000 each type of graduate assistantship is represented by four new courses that indicate the nature of the assistantship as well as the hours represented by the FTE of that appointment.

These courses will not be included in the studentís actual hours earned for degree purposes, the GPA calculation, or any other academic data; they will however show the total hours for each semester for the determination of full-time status. This will help departments to identify if a student holds another assistantship and its FTE. In addition, financial aid office will be able to more accurately determine a studentís enrollment status.

The type of assistantship is determined from the occupation codes entered on the pa form. The IDGR codes and their equivalent occupation codes are as follows:

Position Class Course Number Type of Assistantship Banner Account Number
44010 IDGR 601 GTA - Assist Only 602106
40050 IDGR 602 GTA - Teach 602106
42030 IDGR 603 GRA - Research 602110
60030, 60050, 60060 IDGR 604 GAA - Admin. Or Other 602110

The number of course hours shown equates to the following FTE levels:

FTE Level Hours
0.25 3
0.50 6
0.75 9
1.00 12

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