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Q: I have a student who has transferred graduate semester hours from another institution - can these be included for determining whether or not the student can be a primary teacher?

A: Yes, providing that those hours are in the teaching field. Appropriate documentation such as transcripts is required.

Q: I have GTAs who do not have the required 18 hours, but they will be teaching a class which is only worth 1 credit hour to the students; can they be appointed full GTAs?

A: No - it is irrelevant how many hours the course being taught is worth. Even if the course being taught carries only one credit, the SACS criteria apply and the student must have 18 hours.

Q: My department has sufficient soft money to appoint an additional GRA for this semester; does this student qualify to have a tuition grant? Is there any difference between in and out of state entitlement?

A: The student qualifies only if all other requirements are met concerning enrolled hours AND only if the budget line that has the soft money has sufficient funds to cover the tuition also. Tuition grants cannot be made from the normal sources. This applies to both in and out of state tuition.

Q: I wish to appoint a GTA for the current fall semester but the student currently has 12 graduate semester hours in the teaching field. He is taking 3 hours in the fall and will be taking a further 3 hours in spring. He will therefore have a total of 18 hours by the end of the spring. Can I appoint him a full GTA?

A: If the student successfully completes 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline as indicated then he may be appointed a GTA at that time, but not before. In this case the following fall semester will be the first time that the student can be appointed as a GTA.

Q: I have a student who only needs to register for a minimum of one hourís dissertation research this semester in order to complete his manuscript and graduate. Can I appoint him as a Graduate Assistant for this semester?

A: No - the student will need to enroll in the minimum number of hours for the given level of FTE in order to hold the appointment.

Q: I only have funds available on a 2520 sub code but the student will not be teaching but merely assisting a professor with a research project. Can I charge the PA to this code but call the student a Research Assistant with a 42-03 occupation code?

A: No. The budget sub code, PA form title, and occupation codes are discrete and cannot be mixed. You must transfer the surplus budget from the teaching code to the research assistant code - 2530 - by means of a budget revision form.

Q: How do I calculate the FTE figure for a student?

A: Each level of FTE translates to an equivalent number of hours worked in a week. The calculation is based upon 0.50 FTE for a 20-hour week, 0.25 FTE for a 10-hour week, etc. To calculate the actual FTE for your student use the following equation:

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