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Tuition Grants
The award of an assistantship of 0.50 FTE or greater that is funded as a permanently budgeted graduate research or teaching assistantship entitles the student to a grant equal to the cost of the in- and out-of-state tuition. If the assistantship is less than 0.50 FTE, the tuition amount is reduced proportionately. Out-of-state tuition grants are only available to assistantships of FTE of 0.25 or higher.

The awarding of a tuition grant is dependent upon the Graduate Assistant's meeting the criteria contained in the Memorandum of Appointment and the Graduate School's tuition memorandum issued each semester. If the student resigns or is dismissed from an assistantship or the University before the end of the academic semester or term, the student will be personally responsible for the payment of any tuition and fees that are not covered by the reduced tuition grant. Each graduate assistant is required to sign a Memorandum of Appointment in acceptance of the terms of the appointment, which includes explicit reference to these provisions.

To qualify for tuition support the student must begin their appointment prior to the end of the class drop period in each semester.

If the assistantship is connected with auxiliary or self-supporting activities or is paid from state line-item budgets, the student will not receive a tuition grant. It is important for each student to ascertain the tuition grant eligibility of an assistantship before the position is accepted, especially if the student has a choice of assistantships. The tuition grant can be as important to the studentís financial status as the stipend.

The appendices include a copy of the current Graduate Assistant Tuition Policy that gives full details for the bases for awarding tuition support to graduate assistants.


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