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Graduate Assistantships Work Requirements
Typically, graduate assistants who receive the associated tuition and health insurance benefits are required to work for the whole academic semester.

Official appointment dates run:

Fall semester: August 16th through December 31st

Spring semester: January 1st through May 15th

Students are expected to work an average number of hours per week related to the FTE of the assignment; 0.50 FTE equates to 20 hours per week, 0.25 FTE to 10, etc., throughout their assignment. Thus, if they start work August 16th with a 0.50 FTE assignment then they must work a total of 40 hours during their first month and then 80 during each full month of his or her appointment. At the discretion of their supervisor, the student may vary the weekly total between the weeks and days of the month to meet their school schedule and the requirements of their supervisor.

The students are required to work to the end date of their appointment except where the university officially closes. Thus, for the fall semester, students are required to work through to the date when UA closes for the holidays except where they agree with their supervisor to work increased hours earlier in the month thereby completing their total required hours for that month e.g. student with a 0.50 FTE assistantship may leave campus immediately after exams week but only if they have completed their 80 hours before that date and with the agreement of the supervisor.

Students must take up their appointment no later than the last day to drop or add classes for that semester in order to qualify for full tuition benefits for that semester. In addition, for the health insurance benefit, the student must be enrolled in class for the first 30 days of the semester (except international students who are required to have the insurance at all times).

Whilst we do not require the completion of daily time sheet records, the supervisor and the student are expected to agree a schedule of hours each week which will ensure that the student meets his or her overall commitments in accordance with the FTE of their assignment.

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