GTAs’ Comments from Last Year’s Workshop

“…The workshop was excellent.  I got a review of basic communication principles, but more importantly, I received a lot of new ideas for classroom activities…”

“…The discussion on the legal issues was very important and necessary.  I would really need to know this stuff if faced with a problem.”

“My favorite part was the presentations and group discussions.  The direct feedback from our peers was extremely helpful.  To hear other people with the same…concerns helped me understand better and feel at ease.”

“All the instructors said it was okay to feel afraid of the new situation and that it was normal.”

“…Seeing the presentations of other GTAs was also helpful and was a great source for teaching ideas.”

“The interface with the Graduate Teaching Fellows leading the videotape sessions was very informative, especially when we did the exercise involving situational ethics.”

“…I took something from every speaker we had…”

“Feeding us well was an excellent perk!”

“…the brainstorming session was very good.  I don’t think I have ever had as much fun brainstorming…”

“…I have already taught for several years and thought that this workshop might be very redundant.  I was wrong.  I learned so much.”

“Thank you for repeatedly stressing the value and importance of GTAs.”

“Overall, a great show of support and “hurrah” to make the GTAs feel good about their role in the academy—and at UA.  It was great to work with folks outside our field.”

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